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With the launch of the Only the Audacious campaign, Tulane deepened its commitment to providing our students with an environment for excellence, rich with opportunity and diversity. Founded ahead of Only the Audacious in 2016, the Center for Academic Equity was established to support the academic success and retention of students from diverse backgrounds from the moment they arrive on campus to their graduation. We know that to become a truly great university, Tulane must be an equitable, diverse and inclusive community. Centered on connecting students with resources and opportunities throughout their time at Tulane, the Center for Academic Equity is crucial to that goal.

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The Center for Academic Equity (CAE) serves all students who may face greater challenges when transitioning from their high school experience to the Tulane campus. This includes first-generation students, student participants in programs like Posse and College Track, as well as students who have self-identified as being from underrepresented backgrounds. We know that student success can hinge on the guidance provided as students navigate an unfamiliar social, cultural and academic landscape, and we are committed to providing them with the resources they need to thrive at Tulane.

The Center for Academic Equity provides guidance, advocacy and support so that every student has equitable access to the infrastructure and opportunities that many take for granted. The center supports students by teaching and providing important academic tools such as bridging academic skills gaps; connecting students with academic advisors and tutors; supporting students through mentorship; assisting students in navigating complex issues; and working directly with success coaches that help students manage their time and deal with stress. The center also works to facilitate access to opportunities such as undergraduate research, short-term study abroad and internships — helping to prepare students for employment and graduate school.

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The Center for Academic Equity:

  • Connects students with program-specific academic advisors and supportive tutoring services.
  • Assists students in navigating complicated issues by working with professors, advisors, counselors, mentors and administrators to find the best solutions.
  • Makes students aware of fellowships, grants, internship opportunities and summer programs designed for underrepresented groups.
  • Advocates for students as they navigate campus services and programs, including the Office of Financial Aid, the Office of Study Abroad, the Academic Success Center and Academic Advising.
  • Creates special experiential educational opportunities on and off campus – locally and globally.

The mentoring, support and opportunities that CAE offers provide students with critical tools for academic success at Tulane, connecting them with resources that help them to fully experience all that Tulane has to offer. Establishing a network of this kind for students from the moment they begin their Tulane experience makes campus life more welcoming for people from all backgrounds.

We know that student success can hinge on the guidance provided as students navigate an unfamiliar social, cultural and academic landscape, and we are committed to providing them with the resources they need to thrive at Tulane.

Giving Opportunities

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First impressions can be everything. And for first-generation and underrepresented students, college can seem especially daunting. With ConnecTU, the Center for Academic Equity welcomes students through a six-week bridge program that provides them with early access to college life during the summer before they begin their Newcomb-Tulane College journey. ConnecTU invites 15-30 talented scholars to participate in courses, programming and community building all geared toward supporting academic excellence and retention among a small cohort of students.

These students often identify as students of color, first-generation students, low-income students, LGBTQ+ identifying students and College Track scholarship recipients. As students take introductory courses, attend weekly workshops and begin to build a network of resources and friends, they have a chance to get comfortable with the college environment, gaining the confidence they need to hit the ground running when fall semester begins.

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Emergency and Grant Funding

This unique resource is a critical tool during both challenging and exciting times for our students. Grant funding may open up the doors to internships, study abroad and undergraduate research for students, offering the chance for life-changing experiences. This fund is there, too, for when unforeseen financial hardships or emergencies arise for underrepresented and first-generation students. Through your support, we can help students experience the best college has to offer and assist them in times of crisis.

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College Access Fund

With any population, needs and opportunities are constantly in flux. As our student population changes, so do their needs. The College Access Fund provides the Center for Academic Equity with the resources to meet the speed of change – quickly developing and deploying resources that assist students with unexpected changes like those brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. This fund helps Tulane assess the needs of a changing student population and provide dedicated initiatives to meet students’ particular needs. Gifts to this fund provide the flexibility that allows CAE to act quickly and effectively, making a direct impact on our students.

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Endow the Center for Academic Equity

Your naming gift would be instrumental in extending and sustaining the work of the Center for Academic Equity. Your generosity could support a wide array of programming that would provide resources for students throughout their academic careers at Tulane, allowing them to access the opportunities they need to thrive. By endowing the Center for Academic Equity, your name would be tied in perpetuity with an important Tulane initiative that improves the student experience for countless young people and helps to elevate our campus culture.

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