As we look to transform the undergraduate experience with Always the Audacious, we know building pathways to individual and collective mental well-being is an essential part of that transformation. Wave of Support is an initiative that was launched as a pilot in spring 2022 to create a positive mental health ecosystem on our campus by amplifying and connecting our current support services as well as developing new programs to make mental health a key priority for our campus community.

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Led by key leaders in both Newcomb-Tulane College and the Division of Student Affairs, Wave of Support is poised to become a widely recognized brand that reflects Tulane’s commitment to students’ mental health and well-being. This campus-wide, collaborative program supports students’ mental and emotional health at Tulane University by bringing together the programs and services of the many student support offices on campus with the goal of building a healthier campus.

Wave of Support has the potential to promote awareness and healthy choices among Tulanians by serving as a central, highly visible umbrella for promoting and coordinating support and training for auxiliary mental health support programs. These include, but are not limited to, faculty advocates, peer mentors and advocates, and academic advising advocates. By reducing stigma around mental health issues and raising awareness, Wave of Support has the potential to be transformational for Tulane University.

Ultimately, Wave of Support seeks to assist students in better integrating healthy concepts and life skills. Wave of Support works to cultivate a deep attention to mental health as it pertains to all practices of the university; to assist all members of the campus ecosystem in feeling confident in supporting one another to create a healthier campus; to reduce stigma regarding mental health support and to create a flourishing campus environment of resilience.

By reducing stigma around mental health issues and raising awareness, Wave of Support has the potential to be transformational for Tulane University.

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Wave of Support Endowed Fund

​​Wave of Support serves as an essential hub for a network of new and existing support services and programs across Tulane’s campus. It coordinates support and training for mental health support programs, including but not limited to, faculty advocates, peer mentors and advocates, and academic advising advocates. Wave of Support is on its way to becoming the recognized brand of Tulane’s commitment to students’ mental health and well-being. Programs and initiatives will grow and expand with university support and will be continuously assessed for effectiveness using a framework of clearly articulated outcomes.

This initiative will enhance Tulane’s residential communities of students living on campus by providing multiple touchpoints and pathways for student engagement with an emphasis on mental health and well-being. The Peer Wellness Representatives will be deeply integrated into residential life at Tulane and receive training in health promotion, risk assessment and EDI so that they are equipped to address basic mental health needs of students in their communities and create a supportive environment for students living on campus.

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Wave of Support Mentor Institute

​Mentoring can have long-lasting impacts on a student’s time at Tulane and after graduation in their professional pursuits. The goal of the Mentor Institute is to provide training in the best practices of mentoring for students who are in a peer mentoring capacity as well as for faculty, staff and our network of alumni. The institute will become a central connector for mentors and mentees in the areas of well-being, navigating academic pathways, undergraduate research, career planning and networking, and life at Tulane and in New Orleans. One-on-one guidance from a peer, a faculty member, a staff member or an alumni leader in their field would be invaluable for students.

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Wave of Support General Programming Fund

Launching the campus-wide Wave of Support movement involves engaging stakeholders on a grand scale. Strategic messaging, sponsoring speaking events and workshops, and supporting Wave of Support campus champions with resources will be a critical and ongoing need for Tulane to successfully support mental health in our community. These funds will provide long-term financial support and help the entire Tulane community to develop and maintain positive mental health skills, practices and outcomes throughout all aspects of the university.

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Wave of Support Faculty Advocates

Tulane faculty members are sometimes first responders when a student is in crisis, be it an academic setback or exhibiting the first signs of a mental health issue. Providing training and funding support for faculty to act as advocates for our students could make the difference between a student falling through the cracks and a student who is able to recover and thrive during their time at Tulane.

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