Tulane is launching an unprecedented capital expansion that will build a bright future for undergraduates. The Residential Village, the largest investment in university history on the uptown campus, shows our dedication to providing our undergraduates with an unrivaled living and learning experience. The new and renovated residence halls will be places where all of the Tulane community can come together.

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On a college campus, almost no place is more important than a student’s residence hall. It’s where students meet the people who change their lives and where they form networks that are crucial to their future. The Residential Village at Tulane will allow the university to transform the undergraduate experience.

Students who live in residential halls make the connection between residential life and academic programs and build affinity through campus traditions and enhanced engagement in everyday campus life. Studies have shown that students who live on campus get better grades and are more likely to graduate in four years. Building a thriving living-learning community will integrate academics and residential life and foster faculty engagement by providing additional opportunities for faculty-in-residence.

Studies have shown that students who live on campus get better grades and are more likely to graduate in four years.

Giving Opportunities

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The new residential village will be a critical piece of the new residential experience at Tulane.


The larger of the two residential buildings, Lake includes a large collaboration space. This space includes social gaming, hang-out spaces and even phone booths.


River houses several conference spaces and administrative offices.

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Historically known as Bruff Quad, this new quad will be more intentional in design and will feature well-manicured green space. We foresee this being a destination — where students can go to throw a frisbee, lay out blankets to read a book or have a picnic. This quad will connect all five buildings once the full complex is completed. The naming of this space will be significant because it will be a space used, remembered and loved by so many students.

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The Gateway will be the central hub and primary gateway of the entire residential village. It will be the primary entry point for the new Bruff Quad. This very large space will be one of the most heavily traveled and visible spaces on campus. Hundreds of students will traverse this important space every day.

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This space located in Lake would be Tulane’s only movie theater, and it would also be used as a lecture hall. The Theatre would draw Tulanians from all over campus.

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The Garage will become the primary space on Tulane’s uptown campus for student-led programming. A wide array of student programming will be held in The Garage, drawing students from all over campus. In The Garage, Tulane students will attend numerous club meetings and expand their minds as they learn from renowned faculty members or entertaining speakers.

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The Pit will feature a large screen in the background and a stage. A variety of different types of events could happen here — from a TED Talk-type event to a viewing party for an away Green Wave football game. The Pit differs from The Garage in that it will be more organic and less programmatic. This will be a transformational space that can be retrofitted depending on the type of event.

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This multi-purpose space will be intentionally generic to allow for a multitude of different uses. This could be a space where an RA would lead a yoga class or invite an instructor to teach self-defense. This in-demand room will not function as a classroom, but as a space for student programming. The room will be equipped with flexible furniture that will allow Tulane to host a variety of different events. The versatile seating will allow the room to be arranged in whatever configuration best suits each event.

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